Explore Aruba

with one of the best photographers

Explore Aruba with one of the best photographers in Aruba and gain beautiful keepsakes from the day! The adventure begins when one of our professional photographers picks you up at your hotel for a fun-filled day and private tour of the Island.

During this four-hour tour, we will visit at least three locations where tourists can participate in a special photography shoot throughout the day. You’ll enjoy the beautiful backdrop of Aruba and receive a minimum of 40 pictures within two weeks of the tour through a Dropbox link in your mailbox. From Aruba’s rocky North Shore to breathtaking beaches, we will take you on an unforgettable tour of Aruba, visiting some of the most exclusive, secluded places on the island.

Some of the locations that are included on our tour are Aruba’s famous California Lighthouse, the Alto Vista Chapel, which is the smallest and oldest church, and, of course, Aruba’s signature Fofoti Tree. As full-time residents of the island, our professional photographers know all of the best secret locations of the island, providing fun facts about each location along the way.

Our Island Tour is an excellent way to explore Aruba without having to worry about capturing the day yourself—we will do it for you with our professional photography services! This special package that is available from Aruba Wedding is ideal for couples as well as families and large groups. We can help you capture your engagement, a romantic day with your partner, pregnancy portraits, or a fun-filled family day!

We offer this tour seven days a week to make it convenient for tourists. Additionally, there will be times for you to do a quick, private wardrobe change during the four-hour tour in order to customize your photoshoot. You can also count on us to keep the fun vibe going with complimentary chilled drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks, and water) and light snacks.

The Tour Experience

To complete your Island Tour, our professional photographers will offer you a champagne toast or an optional customizable dinner—at a local restaurant, perhaps, or even a private dinner on the beach. Additionally, if you are looking for Spanish-speaking tour guides, we offer this service at no extra cost.For your convenience, at the completion of the tour, we will drop you off at the hotel/residence where you are staying.

Meeting point:

We pick you up (and drop you off) at the hotel or residence where you are staying, for example on the J.E. Irausquin Blvd.

Duration of tour:

The tour is typically four hours long, but the duration is certainly customizable.

Description of what is included in the tour:

This four-hour private tour of Aruba includes visits to at least three different island sites. All drinks and snacks included. You will receive 40 photos within two weeks in your mailbox.

Description of what will be seen/done during the tour:

You will have the opportunity to see and become acquainted with a minimum of three different sites. The tour is completely customizable, with our photographers advising an itinerary based on your personal preferences.

Name of the city where the tour departs:

The tour can begin anywhere on the island, for example in downtown Oranjestad or at any hotel on the J.E. Irausquin Blvd at Palm Beach or Eagle Beach. Including pick-up and drop-off at your hotel.

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For more information about our Island Tour package, we encourage you to contact us at (+297) 690-0954 or by using the contact form.



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