The Tours

Tour 1

This excursion begins at the Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins, the last vestiges of the once vibrant mill built in the late 1800s to process the gold ore extracted from the hills nearby. You’ll have ample time to explore the ruins, set against the backdrop of the surrounding rugged terrain and the stunning Caribbean Sea—the perfect photo opportunity!

The tour will proceed to the opposite coast to see one of Aruba’s most recognized icons—the famous fofoti tree! Its gnarled, twisted trunk and billowy canopy perfectly frame the turquoise waters beyond, providing a really spectacular setting for some awesome shots.

Finally, we’ll head just a bit further down the coast to Eagle Beach, rated as one of the top beaches in the world by TripAdvisor. Curl your toes in the pristine, powdery sand as we grab a few more amazing shots at that gorgeous time of day when the sunset lights the sky on fire. And if you fancy a quick dip in the calm sea to end the tour, be our guest!

Tour 2

This tour is an exploration of the island’s northern tip. We’ll start at Malmok Beach, a pocket of white sand surrounded on both sides by the jagged limestone shelf that runs along most of the Malmok coastline. The limestone shelf with the majestic Caribbean Sea in the background makes for a truly unique locale for a photo shoot. You can also wade in the water here, making for some fun shots.

Next up is the famed California Lighthouse, named after the steamship California that sunk in the waters nearby in 1891. The impressive 100-foot-tall stone lighthouse stands sentry at the top of a limestone plateau that affords a spectacular panoramic view of the northern end of the island. Trust us, there’s a lot of great photo potential up here…we’ll have our cameras ready!

We’ll then make our way over to the rocky North Shore, where you’ll get to explore the “wild side” of Aruba. The surrounding hills are studded with cactai and strewn with massive boulders—a real change from the tamer resort side of the island. The waves along the rocky coastline come crashing in with flair, promising some dramatic shots.

Finally, we’ll make our way back to the leeward side of the island, to Arashi Beach. Pristine sands and brilliant turquoise waters are in store for you here, not to mention the soft, glowing light of sunset—perfect for the last shots of the day!

Tour 3

This exploratory tour starts at the Balashi Gold Smelter Ruins, which stand today as proof of Aruba’s short-lived affair with gold. The ruins sit on the face of a hill that overlooks a broad valley and part of the Spanish Lagoon. It’s an intriguing place to explore, as well as an ideal backdrop for some really unique pictures.

Ayo Rock Formation is up next. Huge diorite boulders are stacked up against each other, creating a really incredible natural wonder. You’ll have the chance to climb among the rocks as well as explore along the path that twists through the cavernous spaces within the stack of rocks. Needless to say, we’ll have our cameras out and ready!

Lastly, we’ll traverse the island to Mangel Halto Beach to catch that glorious glow of sunset. A thick network of mangroves lines the beach, which looks out onto a gorgeous aquamarine lagoon.  The crystal-clear water here is incredibly inviting, so we won’t begrudge you the opportunity for a quick sunset dip to end the tour.

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